So you’ve been hearing everyone say they’re “manifesting,” but what does that actually mean? We’re creating our best possible 2022, and you can too. Here’s how:

  • Start speaking it into existence.

  • Have you ever paid attention to your internal dialogue? People tend to think negatively about situations in general, but also about themselves. When’s the last time you caught yourself saying, “I’m broke.” Take that phrase out of your vocabulary immediately. When you make statements about yourself, you subconsciously believe those things and set limiting beliefs. Humans have the ability to create and do extraordinary things. You literally just have to start saying it out loud. When you say something, you subconsciously make a promise to yourself. 

  • Write everything down. 

  • Seriously. Go to Target and buy a cute notebook that makes you happy or grab that old dried out, half used notebook from last semester that’s in the random bag in the bottom of your closet. Personally, I have a nice mixture of both going on over here. I have multiple notebooks and planners that I update regularly, but if you’re new to this just find one and start writing.

    “But what do I write down?” Start by sitting down and fully focus on this:

    Page 1 - 10 Year Goals

    • What does your career look like in 10 years? Are you working for a specific company? Are you working for yourself? How much money are you making a year in 10 years? Do you have multiple sources of income? What are they? Be as specific as you can possibly be.
    • What do your finances look like in 10 years? How much debt do you have (or not have) in 10 years? How much money is in your bank account in 10 years? How much money do you have saved in 10 years? Many of these questions will overlap with your career goals and that’s okay. As you start writing things down and brainstorming more and more possibilities you’ll find that many of them overlap in categories.
    • What does your health look like in 10 years? How many times a week are you working out in 10 years? How are you eating? Are you vegan? Are you eating a ton of protein and nourishing your body with veggies? Is there a specific sport or type of workout you’ve always been interested in starting, but haven’t actually done it? Write it down. This is your life and you can literally create anything you want. 
    • What does your personal life look like in 10 years? Are you doing something for your spiritual well-being (i.e. attending church, meditating, etc)? Each goal will be unique to you, but be as specific as you can possibly be.

    Example: In 10 years I will own a home in (wherever you want to live). I will be making money from my Youtube channel, my blog, etc. My yearly income will exceed $100k. I will have $0 in debt. Each goal will be unique to you, but be as specific as you can possibly be. It’s okay to not have every detail figured out, but try your best to visualize what your ideal life will look like.

    Page 2 - 5 Year Goals

    Do the exact same thing you did on page one, but cut it in half. If XYZ is your goal in 10 years, what’s the halfway point to that goal? For example, say you want to have $100,000 in your savings account in 10 years, let’s plan to have $50,000 in 5 years.

    If you’re a professional dancer in 10 years, what does that look like in 5 years? Are you taking dance classes? If so, how many a week? Decide what you want in life and be serious about it. 

    If you have a job or something else that’s holding you back from reaching your 10 year goal, what solution to that problem could you have figured out in 5 years?

    Page 3 - 3 Year Goals

    Okay so you’ve done the dreaming with your 10 year goals and then you’ve broken that down into a more comprehensible 5 year plan. Now it’s time to start putting a plan into action. Look at your 5 year goals and figure out what that would look like for you in 3 years. The objective is to break down your broad goals into smaller more achievable goals.

    Page 4 - 1 Year Goals

    What can you do in the next year to set yourself up for success over the next 10 years? Really spend some time breaking down each goal as specifically as possible. If you decide what you want to work towards and make a plan, you’re naturally setting yourself up for success.

    You can go as far down to monthly goals for the next year. The more planning you do, the more likely you are to reach your dreams. Remember that this is your life and you only have limited time on Earth. Don’t waste your time settling. No one will hand your dream life to you. You have to start working towards it. 

    January 03, 2022

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